Hear smarter and live better. 

Oticon’s revolutionary BrainHearing feature has modernized hearing aid technology.

The new feature is specifically designed to support the brain’s natural process of decoding sound. By combining Speech Guard E, Spatial Sound, YouMatic and Free Focus technology, the program modifies signals that the user doesn’t hear well, and preserves the unique characteristics of speech. BrainHearing is found on the Alta, Nera and Ria hearing aids.

Learn more about the Oticon device family below:


OPN - Hear Better and Remember More

Opn is changing more people’s lives with a new world of sound, helping them open up to the world like never before. Opn is the first hearing aid proven to work in harmony with the brain to help people hear better with less effort and to remember more of what is being said

Opn ConnectClip
Oticon’s ConnectClip turns Opn hearing aids into a wireless phone headset and headphones while serving as a remote microphone and hearing aid remote control.

Alta - Ultimate Performance
Featuring Oticon’s revolutionary BrainHearing technology, the Alta automatically adjusts incoming sounds to reduce user fatigue and work harmoniously with your brain.

Agil - Exceptional Understanding
Oticon Agil makes following conversations easy. Like no other hearing instrument, the Oticon Agil is designed to give people more energy to cope in complex situations.

Acto - Subtle And Elegant
Oticon Acto hearing aids let you hear with comfort and convenience. Automatically adapting to your listening environment, you don’t have to worry about awkward transitions between your hearing aid and Bluetooth technology.

Ino - Vibrant and Comfortable
Oticon Ino hearing aids have the ability to produce extra volume, yet retain impeccable sound. Automatic directionality allows you to focus on the people you want to hear, and feedback cancellation cuts down on unwanted whistling.

Nera - Reliably Exceptional
Nera blends seamlessly with the natural way your brain and ears work together. Creating an integrated hearing solution, your hearing aids communicate in real time to work harder for you.

Ria - Redefining Hearing
The Ria provides everything you need to create a superior listening experience. With a wide selection of styles, Ria embraces custom style options designed for greater comfort.

Chili - A New Approach
Oticon Chili is a slim and discreet hearing device for severe and profound hearing loss. With features like volume adjustment, quick control for instant muting, and program selection, this hearing aid line is the sophisticated answer to your hearing loss.

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