What is tinnitus? It’s a sensation of noise, such as ringing, buzzing, humming or hissing when no external source is present.

Is tinnitus a disease? No. Tinnitus is a symptom that often accompanies other conditions and is commonly associated with hearing loss.

What causes tinnitus? Tinnitus can be caused by exposure to loud noises, migraine headaches, head injury, anemia, hypertension, Meniere’s disease, medications and hearing loss.

Can tinnitus be treated? Yes. At Harbor Audiology, we offer several types of tinnitus treatments:

  • The SoundCure Serenade System. This technology is simple to use and can be customized specifically to your tinnitus. The system consists of a handheld device and earphones, and uses proprietary treatment sounds to address the underlying neurological cause. When used as part of an ongoing management program, it can provide immediate and long-term relief.
  • The Levo System by Otoharmonics. Designed for long-term relief, The Levo System is a personalized therapy program designed to improve tinnitus symptoms while you sleep.
  • Fractal Technology. This approach can help tinnitus sufferers with hearing loss by using random chime-like tones, making tinnitus less noticeable.

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