One of our patient, Eldin, came in and shared his story of hearing success with Harbor Audiology.  


Having been a patient of Dr. Laura Day-Moran and Harbor Audiology for the past four years, I heartily recommend them and their staff for having taken good care of me in my audio needs!

They are very professional in their work, but also make it a joyful experience... I was fully informed of the pluses and minuses of hearing aids, the costs, and the long-range benefits of them.  They answered all my questions and I highly recommend them to all.

I thank Dr. Laura and her staff for picking Gig Harbor as their base.

- J.K. Burcar

I am presently working in Afghanistan as a trainer of Counter Narcotic Police following my retirement from the US Drug Enforcement Administration. I wear hearing aids and recently acquired my new set through the assistance of your staff at Harbor Audiology& Hearing Service in Tacoma; specifically Dr, Day-Moran, Dr. Molly Cheshire, and Ms. Lorinda Collins.

I was under a very quick turn around to return to Afghanistan (who would not want to be here...) and did not have a complete set of functioning hearing aids. Over the course of a couple of weeks, right down to a few hours, your staff spent countless hours ensuring that my hearing aids would be delivered and properly adjusted before my departure.

As a result of their kindness and professionalism, and willingness to go more than the extra mile...including running down the proper computer hookups to calibrate my hearing aids, I was able to acquire them shortly before my departure from Washington.

My hearing is perfect and I am sure will help keep me out of harms way. I can thank your team for that!

Again, please pass along my thanks to your staff, along with the folks at Widex, including the local representative and their production team who worked quickly to produce the hearing aids and get them into your team's hands, for a job well done and outstanding customer service. You can be proud of your personnel and their dedication to Harbor Audiology & Hearing Service!

-Gregory "Deke" Gassett

JohnBrooks2After the shaky start, my replacement hearing aids have worked as advertised. I appreciate finally having wireless connection to my iPhone for not only phoning but also listening to music and podcasts.

Furthermore, the Oticon ON app works well; I find it very useful in adjusting to different audio environments. I kept track of battery life for the past two months. The average was 5.1 days, ranging from 4 to 6. I wear these hearing aids my waking hours, about 14 to 15 hours a day.

-John Brooks

JudyBrachvogelPic4"It's life changing to be able to hear again, and all the noises I had forgotten about. I feel more connected to people now. They are comfortable and wonderful, and I get good care at Harbor Audiology. I've been coming here for 10 years.

The newer model (OPN by Oticon) has fine tuned everything clearer and sharper. I feel like I have younger ears."

-Judy Brachvogel

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